Is it love or addiction?

Is it love or addiction?

Silvia Congost
Learn how to break with emotional dependency (English Edition)
Are you trapped in an unhappy romantic relationship? Do you think you have lost control of your life and that you're conditioned by your partner? Do you feel like you've lost yourself or that you don't even remember what you were like before you met him? If so, you probably suffer from emotional dependence.

We know that in any relationship there are never any guarantees, but some people get hooked, create toxic bonds with the other, and son, without realizing it, they begin to lose control of their own lives. Those who suffer from emotional dependency have a skewed idea of love and believe that it's always tied to suffering. As a result, the stop being who they are, their vitality and dreams wither and die, and their whole life begins to revolve around the other, the person they aren't even happy with.

Silvia Congost, a reference psychologist and expert in the treatment of emotional dependency, offers this manual that will help you to become aware of the situation you're in. It will guide you in a clear, warm and thoughtful way toward finding your inner strength, the only thing that will free you from your situation of dependence and allow you to build the relationship that you deserve.

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